μαζί [greek] - together' 

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Founded by the Tsitos Family in 2017

The challenge of restoring the earth, land regeneration and desertification, combined with producing highly nutritious food, are factors that have resonated deeply with all of us and inspired the baseline of Mazi's vision.

With a very mixed cultural background of Greek, French, Italian, Spanish, English, having lived and moved houses countless time across these countries, and all lived apart from each other for many years - it was a natural transition for our family to unite around this challenge.

Our sensitivity to the ecological degradation in the Mediterranean basin led  us to seek land in Greece.

Our attention was immediately captivated by a beautiful 5 hectare plot on the hills of Evia island, with a sea view,  a nearby traditional Greek village, ancient ruins and beautiful beaches. The land is not the typical ’farming’ land - as it is extremely uneven, hilly, eroded, stony in most parts, fire-stricken with a few prickly shrubs, with a very thin layer of soil. So it's sure to be a challenge!

We took a leap of faith in the summer of 2017 to become full time agro-forestry farmers! Our worlds a year ago could not have been more different: we transitioned  from our separate busy lives in different cities, to join forces farming full-time, working towards a sustainable, economical and ecological model project that we wish to share and help to support others.

The first season has been wonderfully successful, and the adventure continues…

Regenerative Agroforestry