Mazi Farm is based in Euboea, an island in central Greece, where we produce figs, pomegranates, almonds and pistachios. We are applying agricultural techniques capable of building soil, protecting biodiversity, keeping our rivers clean and capturing carbon from the atmosphere, all whilst producing an abundance of healthy nutritious food.

This is regenerative agriculture, which strives to produce quality food whilst having a positive environmental impact, enriching our social context and being financially sustainable.

At the heart of our approach is Agroforestry, the union of agriculture and forests. Forests are vital to the health of our ecosystems, and provide numerous ecosystem services that we can include in our farming practices.







Uniting traditional know-how with innovative techniques for a smarter agriculture

Apply research and run experiments on our farm

Provide learning & research opportunities for tomorrow’s farmers

Regenerative techniques involve ancient knowledge and cutting edge innovative practices. It is part of our work to find out what techniques are out there to improve our farming. We dedicate a lot of our time to taking new courses, reading books, visiting farms, attending conferences and seeking advice from our mentors.

Theoretical knowledge only becomes useful when it proves itself in the field. We started out with 5ha of degraded land in Styra, where we are finding out what works and what doesn’t. Our learning curve has been steep!

It is part of our long term mission to share our experience. We are taking on a huge challenge, and will only succeed if we collaborate with projects who share a similar vision. We believe data is key to the success of regenerative agriculture.  We are already thoroughly documenting our activities and the next step for us is to collaborate with organisations and universities to collect scientific data on the farm.

Are you interested in becoming a farmer? Do you believe in Regenerative Agroforestry? Are you influenced by the Mediterranean climate?

Let’s stay connected, as together, we can build solutions for the future.

 M-A-Z-I μαζί [greek] - together.

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