Join us for a unique agro-ecological experience

in a traditional village on the beautiful
Greek Island of evia

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Mazi Team is incredibly grateful for the amount of  interest and support
but we have currently limited  places for 2018.

Get in touch if you are interested in joining us at a later date
and we will inform you when further availability arises!

Actively participate:

1. As a roaming guest, by contributing your skills & knowledge

 2. By joining our formal Agricultural Internship

1.roaming guests

From September 2017

Shout out to all carpenters, videographers, photographers, designers, market gardeners, cooks, nursery workers (or any other skill you think we need!) with a few weeks to contribute to our start-up...

We offer you room & board and an agroforestry induction.

2. agricultural


From October 2017

Min. 2 - 6 months

Currently no availability

This is a professional and fulfilling learning experience for people passionate about farming as a career path. 

Co-create a start-up farm

Be an active participant in the start-up of an agro-ecological farm, where you will learn to turn degraded land into an operational agro-forest. We will work together to find solutions and co-create a pioneering agricultural system. 

Opportunity to work with leaders in the field

Implement their designs, participate in their educational seminars, get hands-on training and be part of our ongoing research and development effort. 

for the details... 

- Looking for dedicated, pragmatic, communicative, solution-finding people who are good with their hands and value hard work.

- Minimum work requirement is a full 6 day week, with 8h days. The more you work on the farm, the more you will get out of the experience.

- Farming is hard, physical and dirty work, you will feel tired, but you will love it. 

- Room and board provided, with access to internet.

- This is an unpaid internship where your hard work is exchanged with a once in a life time learning experience. We care to make this a mutually beneficial experience, where every party leaves enriched and empowered.

What our workers have to say

I’ve been working on Mazi Farm for a month now, and I am not planning to leave any time soon! Mazi is different to your conventional farm experience.
I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the importance of trees and imitating nature’s ways! It’s also been a wonderful immersion to the traditional greek lifestyle.
— Robert Sheen, from South Wales
What originally started as an escape from the cold and a visit to old friends, bloomed into a consuming passion to gain knowledge and practise in agroforestry. Now more than ever we need to farm for the future, and Mazi is the place to learn.
— Katt Andryksrova, from Geneva
One of the first thing I saw when I arrived at Mazi Farm was joy and enthusiasm. Dimitri is driving the project passionately and as an intern I really could feel it. Over one month I was able to learn about agroforestry systems more than I ever did in class (currently studying management and protection of the environment in Paris). I discovered tools and learned how to use them, I improved my knowledge over tree crowing, seeds, map design, planning and composting. Dimitri and I were focused on sharing our knowledge and expertise, searching together for innovative ideas and strategies in farming. This is more than just an internship, Dimitri tries his best to grow vocations and help future farmers get to the key of their projects.
— Dorian Herondart from Paris