Developing a Regenerative Model of Agriculture 

For the Mediterranean Region

By Imitating Ecosystems 

To Restore Harmony Between Humans and Nature


Each year, fertile land the size of Greece is lost to desertificiaton due to extractive farming practices. 

Feeding our population doesn't have to be this way. Farming can be restorative.

At Mazi farm, we believe in Regenerative Agriculture - highly productive farming that restore degraded land, build soil, provide habitat for biodiversity and restore ecosystem services. 

Agroforestry, the marriage of trees and agriculture, responds to the main challenges humans are faced with right now.

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Mazi Farm, Evia Island, Greece September 2017 - December 2017

Mazi Farm, Evia Island, Greece

September 2017 - December 2017


We are naturally restoring the health and productivity of our soil so it flourishes into a biodiverse ecosystem; transforming 5 hectares of degraded land into a commercial agroforestry operation.

We are producing a variety of delicious products that are brought up the way nature intended.

From berries, cacti, all the way to fruits and nuts, we are using all the opportunities that our land offers us. We look forward to sharing our produce with you!

Through our research and development initiative, we are uniting traditional know-how with innovation, for a smarter agriculture.

Through our experimental efforts on the land, and bringing together all that are passionate and expert in the regenerative movement, we are building an open source knowledge hub. 

It is from here that we wish to inspire and empower farmers into the agricultural transition from degerenartive to regenerative practises. 


M-A-Z-I μαζί [greek] - together.

Together, we can regenerate our planet. 

Do you believe in Regenerative Agroforestry? Are you influenced by the Mediterranean climate?

Let’s stay connected and build solutions together for the future.

If we lose the forests, we lose our only teachers
— Bill Mollison