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Meet Mazi Farm

Mazi Farm is an organic family farm that practices regenerative agriculture, located on the island of Evia, Greece. We practice what we call "extreme farming" on a very difficult land and region, with 5 hectares of implemented agroforestry systems.

Our 5 main crops are:

almonds, pistachios, figs, pomegranates and prickly pears.

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Untitled design (23).png

What is Regenerative Organic Agriculture ?


Regenerative agriculture works alongside nature. It produces food and raw material whilst regenerating our soils and ecosystems. It can be described as a conjunction of agricultural practices which aims to regenerate soil health, increasing fertility, biodiversity, water retention capacity, and carbon sequestration.

On the front line of desertification

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Untitled design (27).png

We have planted over:


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At Mazi Farm, we are farming in extreme conditions: poor soil health and fertility, low water retention in soil, very limited irrigation water and high exposure to strong and salty winds. 

Desertification, land degradation and climate change mean these conditions are becoming increasingly common and will continue to be aggravated in the future, especially in Southern Mediterranean countries.

The solutions we are building at Mazi Farm aim to regenerate soil in an extreme context whilst producing nutritious and high-quality produce. 

Whilst we have observed great improvements in our soil and ecosystem in the last 5 years, regeneration takes time and we still have a long way to go.

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